Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birthday cake for a 4x4 enthusiast!!

My youngest grandson - a little 4x4 enthusiast who loves driving on rocks with 4x4 vehicles with his dad ("klippe ry" as he says in Afrikaans).
So at 3 years old he wanted a birthday cake with rocks......... everything except the vehicles are edible as I could not see myself making them.
He loved the cake and being able to drive his 4x4 vehicles on the rocks.
I knew the little man was going to be very upset when we wanted to cut the cake, so therfor made the top part of the cake a dummy cake. This was then removed and he could continue driving his vehicles on the 4x4 track.


A pink cake for a beautiful little princess!!

Everything on this cake is edible and handmade by me.

I really enjoyed decorating this cake - this is the type of cakes that I made in my active cake decorating days.


My elder grandson's birthday cakes - yes two. One for the nursery school party and one for the family party on their farm.
The theme - Bushmen party!! Very unusual but his decision after a visit to Namibia. He was very impressed with the bushmen they met on the game farm where they stayed.

Below photos whilst making the decorations for the cake.
Due to a very busy work schedule the bushmen itself were made by a friend of my daughter - a very good cakedecorater.
The rest of the decorations I made myself. Everything is edible except for the bow, arrows and spears. I really enjoyed myself with the making of this cake.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Christening cake with a difference

The christening cake for my third grandchild had to be different.  His dad is very keen on fishing and therefor this unusual christening cake.Although still very small the little man was very impressed with the little fisherman on top of his cake.

This was really a fun cake to make. My daughter (Mrs L as known from her blog The Linen Cupboard) designed the cake.  "Ma" had to do the work!

The cake was covered with plastic icing with a marble effect.  The three cakes placed on top of each other.  The fish, seaweed, etc on the sides were made from sugar paste or gum paste.

The little fisherman was also made from gumpaste using a mould to make little people.  

More info can be found on the website above.  I am planning to post directions for making little people.

After making the body with the moulds the body was put together and dressed by cutting clothes from gumpaste.  The log, rocks and little frogs were also made from gumpaste.

Regards till next time!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


My interest in cake decorating started from the time my kids were born.  At first it was an interest only to be able to do their birthday cakes.  I started with classes and after the first attempts got even more interested and then started with speciality classes.  Friends became interested on seeing the cakes that I did and then I started giving classes from home.  Later I was asked to give classes at our local technical college.  I then became involved with the Sugarcraft Association in  South Africa.  For a few years I entered competions and exhibited at the annual Sugarcraft show. Nowadays I only decorate cakes for family.

I am putting together photos from the beginnnig years of my cake decorating and will post them at a later stage. 

The cake shown here is my granddaughter's first birthday cake.  For those knowing Mrs L from The Linen Cupboard - she assisted me with the cake (

The decorations were almost all made from sugar paste with the exception of the Strawberry shortcake doll, a strawberry shape sweet and some  lollipops.

Firstly the cake was decorated in full with butter icing using a petal / leave icing tube.   Then the decorations which was made before added.

This was really just a fun cake and very enjoyable to put together.  

Mrs L helping me with the decorating of the cake. 

The cake below was made by her whilst in the UK, for her sister-in-laws little daughter's first birthday party.  She has put to shame as this was her first attempt and without having done any cake decorating classes.
Have a wonderful week! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


A christening cake for our first little grand daughter.  Having a grandchild was just one of the most wonderful experiences in the world.
Her mother is a keen gardener and a believer in fairies.  Thus the green fairy garden cake for our beautiful little girl.

A little dream in her granny's christening dress that was handmade by my grandmother in 1950.

Her mother made all the chocolate babies as gifts for the family and friends attending the christening.

Then came her little brother and a blue cake was made for him.  

A proud uncle with his new nephew.

Photos of the christening of my second grandson whose father is in the picture above, will follow in my next post.  

And then we will have to start thinking of a christening cake for the second granddaughter who is due early March.  

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